Student Data Talks

Third year students will present their data in an informal setting to fellow students and faculty in the program. These talks serve as an invaluable part of our students’ education and a wonderful opportunity to develop a dialogue to discuss the big questions of Chemical Biology. Student data talks are currently on hold due to the pandemic.


Spring Retreat

All current Chemical Biology students and faculty are invited to attend the Chemical Biology Program Retreat. The purpose of the retreat is to bring the entire community together to learn about current research in Chemical Biology. Faculty and fifth year students present their research orally and second, third and fourth year students present posters.  


Upcoming Student Dissertation Defenses


4/21 1pm – Hojong Yoon(Gray and Fischer labs) - Small, yet mighty: how degrader molecules push proteins towards destruction

4/28 3pm – Jon Chen(Liu lab) – Evolution and Generation of Highly Functionalized Nucleic Acid Polymers

4/30 1pm – Jordan Otto(Kadoch lab) – Functional Characterization of mSWI/SNF Complexes using Perturb-seq