Jarrod Marto
Jarrod Marto
Associate Professor of Pathology

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

360 Longwood Avenue, LC-2208

Boston MA 02115
Tel: 617-632-3150
Email: jarrod_marto@dfci.harvard.edu

Lab Size: Between 5-10


Despite tremendous progress in the development of technologies that enable high-throughput molecular measurement, it remains difficult to assess the proteome-wide activity of small molecule probes, hindering the pace of drug discovery. As a result, a significant fraction of the 'druggable genome' remains unexplored. We work at the intersection of biochemistry, chemistry, analytical science, and informatics, building novel chemoproteomic tools to characterize the activity of chemical compounds and clinical drugs. These quantitative data establish robust, proteome-wide selectivity and dose-response profiles of small molecule inhibitors designed against established oncogenes as well as promising new therapeutic target-classes.

In addition to target-discovery, we use chemical inhibitors in functional proteomic studies to systematically interrogate disease pathways with respect to enzyme-substrate relationships, downstream effectors, or other signaling readouts that may serve as biomarkers of therapeutic efficacy. More broadly these data can fill mechanistic gaps in our understanding of genotype-phenotype relationships or reveal how pathway disruption, via pharmacologic, genomic, or other exogenous insult, may manifest en masse as a phenotypic or disease signature. In parallel we leverage our deep expertise in mass spectrometry to design new reporter probes for use in high-throughput assays designed to measure the stoichiometry of ligand-target engagement in vivo; our long-term goal in this area is to create reliable and quantitative assays suitable for point-of-use settings or clinical trials.


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